Data Recovery

If you have a failed/failing or corrupted hard disk, or even if you have just accidentally deleted something important, to minimise the possibility of data loss...

  • Stop using it immediately.

  • If it is an internal hard disk drive, shut down the PC and leave it switched off.

  • If it is an external drive, disconnect it from the PC. If it has an external power supply, switch it off.

  • Leave it disconnected and/or switched off.

We offer a service to retrieve your valuable information from hard disk drives, 3.5" floppy disks and other removable storage devices, e.g. camera cards and USB memory sticks. Unfortunately, data recovery is not guaranteed because there are too many causes of failure and too many factors that affect a successful outcome, however the success rate is good. There may be a charge even if recovery is not possible but, unlike the big data recovery labs, this will not always be the case and in any event, our charges will be a fraction of those charged by such companies.

Care is taken at all times to protect your data so that, even if we fail, we do not unduly jeopardise the chances of recovery elsewhere. Your disk will never be written to and will be read once only to create an image of your disk. The disk will then be removed from the PC and recovery will be attempted from the disk image.

We can also transfer data from failed PCs with an otherwise healthy hard disk drive or convert healthy internal disk drives into external disk drives.